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Mystery Nail Box Exploring Box for her, Surprise Box for nail lover, Surprising Gift Box nail decal, nail sticker, nail art, nail supplies

Mystery Nail Box Exploring Box for her, Surprise Box for nail lover, Surprising Gift Box nail decal, nail sticker, nail art, nail supplies

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Makynail Monthly Subscription box for nail lovers

What is in Surprising Box?
It’s a secret! Only $19.99 include US domestic Free shipping. You will get the box filled with 5-7 full-sized, premium products valued at over $35 from Makynail shop.

What I will receive?
Nail products are complex in types, refer to professional salon and hobbies. Makynail's products are more biased towards customers who like DIY nail art at home at the moment. According to different needs, customers can choose different categories of products. Surprising Box can contain all stickers, all nail charms, all glitter & powders, nail tools, all nail stamping, and mixed products.
Pick your preferred box type, if you have special needs please contact us by message.

Do I need UV lamp to cure the products I may receive?
Some products do need UV/LED light to cure. (For example UV gel, UV glue, 3D mold)
This option is only for
The buyer needs to choose either I have a UV/LED lamp or I don't have UV/LED lamp when placing the order. The purpose of setting this option is to let us choose products that are more suitable for buyers. If the buyer does not have a UV/LED lamp, we will choose to either include a lamp in the box or avoid the need for using a UV/LED lamp.

Will I get unwanted products from left over inventory?
NO. We guarantee that we will pick the best selling products and user friendly goodies for our customers. For example, starry, flower, butterfly, chameleon are the most popular theme in my shop.

Will some products are useless to me?
It's possible. But the product you get is half the value of retail. If you are disappointed with the product you received, we are sorry and you can return it. However, the buyer will need to afford return cost.

Does everyone get the same product?
Not necessarily. Because the liquidity of the product is relatively large, sometimes the inventory will change. We will make appropriate adjustments.
In the future, we eager to launch the Monthly Subscription Box. At that time, the products received by customers will be the same and will be shipped uniformly at the beginning of each month. There will be no duplicates of the products every month.

Can you ship to countries other than the United States?
Of course. Freight prices are automatically adjusted based on the geographic location of different countries. Usually around $13.

When can I receive the product?
US domestic estimated dates: 3-5 days. (By USPS first class package)
International estimated dates: 7-15 days. (By USPS International package)

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