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12 cases Velvet Flocking Powder

12 cases Velvet Flocking Powder

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Immerse your nails in the soft and luxurious feel of velvet with our Flocking Powder. Achieve a velvety texture that adds a touch of opulence to your manicure. Whether you're celebrating the winter season or adding a festive touch to your holiday nails, the Snow Melt Nail Deco Powder is a must-have for creating a cozy and joyful atmosphere.
Price for 12 case, 2x2cm 1 gram net weight each.

How to use:
Apply a clear, wet top coat on one nail at a time.
Sprinkle the Fluffy Fur Powder over the wet top coat then cure under the UV lamp. Use a small brush or applicator to press the powder gently into the nail, ensuring even coverage.
Carefully tap off any excess powder from the nail. You can tilt your nail or use a brush to remove loose particles.

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