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15ml Press on Nail Tips UV Glue

15ml Press on Nail Tips UV Glue

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Long-lasting UV gel glue for press-on nails

Net volume: 15ml

Color: Clear

The brush-on nail glue gel is made with a new smooth formula, making it safe, vegan, anti-yellow, and has low odor, no bubbles, and no harm to your nails, providing a comfortable and pleasant nail experience.

How to use:
1. Trim and file the nails evenly. Then clean and dry the surface
2. Apply base coat and cure under UV/Led lamp (optional)
3. Apply an appropriate amount of glue gel on the concave of the false nail tip.
4. Place the false nail tip from the back edge to the front on the real nail. And press it gently to avoid bubbles.
5. Hold the false nail tip by another hand to cure under the UV/Led lamp for 5-10 seconds, then release your hands
6. Continue to cure the false nail tips for 60-90 seconds.

NOT air dry. You need UV Led light to dry the glue.

Be careful not to touch the skin or eyes when using
If accidentally touching the skin or eyes, please rinse with water
Don't place on children and place them easily

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