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15ml Nail Prep Dehydrator

15ml Nail Prep Dehydrator

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Here's how Nail Prep Dehydrator works and its typical usage in the nail enhancement process:

Dehydration: The dehydrator's main function is to dehydrate or remove excess moisture and natural oils from the surface of the natural nail. By doing so, it creates a dry and clean surface, which is essential for proper adhesion of acrylic or gel products.

Enhanced Adhesion: By removing moisture and oils, the dehydrator helps to improve the bonding of acrylic or gel products to the natural nail. This enhances the longevity of the nail enhancement and reduces the risk of lifting or peeling.

pH Balance: Nail Prep Dehydrators often have a slightly acidic formulation. This helps in balancing the pH of the natural nail, creating an environment that promotes better adhesion of acrylic or gel products.

Application: Nail Prep Dehydrator is typically applied to the nails using a brush or applicator. It is usually clear and dries quickly. After applying the dehydrator, you may notice that the nail surface becomes matte or slightly rough, indicating that it's ready for the next step in the nail enhancement process.

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