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42 cases Empty Storage Box for Beads Rhinestones Collection

42 cases Empty Storage Box for Beads Rhinestones Collection

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Keep your nail art essentials in one place and easily accessible. Nail art enthusiasts, this is your must-have storage solution!
Material: ABS plastic

Besides beads and rhinestones, you can use this versatile storage box for various small items like:
Nail Charms: Keep your nail charms neatly organized.
Glitters: Store your glitter collection to prevent spills and mess.
Jewelry: You can use it to store small jewelry items.
Craft Supplies: If you're into other crafts, this box is handy for small craft supplies.
Sewing Supplies: Needles, buttons, and small spools of thread fit perfectly.
Beads for DIY Jewelry: If you're into making jewelry, this box is a great fit for beads.
Medicine Organizer: Use it for vitamins, pills, or other small medical items.
Office Supplies: Store paperclips, thumbtacks, or other small office supplies.

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