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500pcs Extra Long Half Cover Soft Gel Tips

500pcs Extra Long Half Cover Soft Gel Tips

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500 PCS False Fake Nails Tips (Half cover)
As flexible as a natural nail
Unbreakable poly gel material

Pack in a plastic container

Shape option: French Bamboo, Medium Stiletto, Medium Coffin

size:10 sizes 0-9 shown as image. 50 tips each size.

Color: Clear

How to apply:
1. Trim, file and buff nails for clean and dry surfaces.
2. Apply an appropriate amount of nail glue onto the false nail tip.
3. Gently press the nail tip onto the natural nail at a 45 degree to prevent bubbles.
4. Cure under a UV/LED lamp.
5. Cut off the nails tip to your desired length and gently file the edge.
6. Apply acrylic or building gels, follow the steps of gel manicure to get the best result.

professional salon quality

Nice curve

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