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50pcs Tofu Puffs Sponges and Picker for Ombre Gradient Nail Art

50pcs Tofu Puffs Sponges and Picker for Ombre Gradient Nail Art

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a must-have tool for achieving flawless and gradient nail art. Crafted for precision and ease, this sponge is designed to deliver smooth color transitions with professional finesse. The latex-free material ensures a seamless blend, allowing you to create stunning ombre effects effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of spray guns – this innovative sponge is your ticket to seamless gradient and hollow-out patterns without the need for additional tools.
Price for 50pcs sponges per bag or 1pc silver tong
sponge: 1.7x1.7x1.7cm
tong: 12cm long
Item purpose: For nail gradient shade-making
How to use:
On the piece of wax paper or foil, apply a small amount of each gel polish color you want to use for the gradient. Lightly dip the sponge into the blended gel polish on the paper. Gently and evenly press the sponge onto your nail. Start at the cuticle area and work your way to the tip. You can press down and lift the sponge a few times to ensure a smooth gradient effect. Once you've achieved the desired gradient effect, finish with a topcoat. This not only seals the design but also smooths out any unevenness in the gradient.

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