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5g Chrome Liquid Powder Nail Tint

5g Chrome Liquid Powder Nail Tint

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Air dry Liquid Chrome Powder
6 colors are available.
Color shifts on the different background colors.

Vibrant metallic color shift

Texture: liquid chameleon pigment with a metallic finish

Size: 5 grams

Suitable for nail polish or gel polish

How to use:
-Apply base coat and base color gel (black or white) and cure
-Apply top coat and cure
-Apply directly with an applicator from the bottle.
- Wait for 10secs
- Rub it until you get the best result
- Apply top coat again and cure.

Liquid chrome nail powder is suitable to be applied on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails or false nail tips. It is easy to apply and suitable for professional salon use and home DIY use

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