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5g Snow Flake Glitter Nail UV Gel Polish

5g Snow Flake Glitter Nail UV Gel Polish

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🌟 Snowflake-Inspired Sparkle: Our White Snowflakes Glitters Gel polish is designed to add a touch of winter magic to your nails. Each color option features delicate snowflake-inspired glitters that glisten beautifully.
🎨 Color Variety: Choose from multiple captivating colors, including green, purple, neon yellow, white, pink, and coral. Whether you're feeling vibrant or elegant, there's a shade to match your mood and style.
πŸ’… Easy Application: The gel polish is easy to apply, making it suitable for both DIY nail enthusiasts and professional nail artists. Achieve a salon-quality look from the comfort of your home.

5ml per case
Dry fast with any UV/LED Light.
Long-lasting and very shining.
Easy to apply and soak off.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

Place your base coat (UV/LED light 60s) and any solid color as you prefer.
Apply one to two layers of gel polish
Once you have the effect you want, cure under LED (30 sec.) or UV Lamp (2 min.)
Repeat until you are satisfied.
Apply top coat and cure.

For beginner's tip: You must cure it with UV/LED lamp. You MUST apply base gel and top gel.
The base gel plays a bonding role between the nail polish and the nail, after applying the base gel then apply the colored gel, so that the nail polish is not easy to fall off. The top gel helps to increase the gloss of the surface and lock the color layers, so the gel polish can be kept longer.

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