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6pcs Pearlescent Glitter Metallic Watercolor Assorted Colors

6pcs Pearlescent Glitter Metallic Watercolor Assorted Colors

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Glitter Watercolor Solid Paint Includes Metallic or Pearlescent Glitter Colors

Price for 6 or 12 colors optional

size: 15x8x5mm (1ml each piece)

Solid glittery paints, dip the water to dissolve the paint and wipe lightly on a paper towel. Apply evenly on the nail/paper and wait until it dries before proceeding to the next step.

It is difficult for the camera to capture the halo flashy effect. The object is more shining than the photo. Dazzling gem and shimmery pearl are some of the most stunning watercolors ever! Perfect for standout shimmering colors on both black and white nail/paper.

It is a multi-purpose product, you can use it for nail art and watercolor painting on paper.

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