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6pcs Pearly Silk Nail Foils Paper

6pcs Pearly Silk Nail Foils Paper

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Nail transfer foils: revealing a captivating blend of iridescent hues and a subtle, pearly sheen.
Price for 1 box with 6 stripes.
Each stripe is 20cm width is 4cm
How to use:
1. Apply a base coat
2. Cut the foil into small pieces that are slightly larger than the area you want to cover on your nail.
3. Apply a thin layer of nail foil adhesive or a specialized foil transfer glue to your nails, following the instructions provided with the adhesive.
4. Carefully place the cut foil piece on your nail, design-side up. Press it gently onto the nail.
5. Peel off the foil
6. Apply a layer of clear top coat to seal and protect the foil design

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