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Chameleon Laser Shimmer Chrome Powder

Chameleon Laser Shimmer Chrome Powder

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This innovative nail powder is like a chameleon, shifting and shimmering with every angle and light, creating a mesmerizing, color-shifting effect on your nails. Achieve a stunning, mirror-like chrome finish with an enchanting, holographic twist.

price for 1 case, 0.2 g net weight. Come with applicator

How to use:
Apply base coat, base color (recommend black), top coat ( recommend chrome bond top coat), and cure it until completely dry. You can use a sponge applicator or a silicone brush, to gently rub or tap the powder.
Then wipe off the excess powder.
In the end, apply a clear top coat specifically designed for chrome or metallic nail powders to seal and protect the finish (we recommend you use another clean brush).
Allow the top coat to dry or cure it under a UV or LED nail lamp, following the product's instructions.

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