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Gradient Hollowed Nail Template Sticker

Gradient Hollowed Nail Template Sticker

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This innovative nail sticker allows you to effortlessly achieve stunning gradient nail designs with a hollowed effect. Simply apply the sticker to your nails, press a sponge or apply an airbrush over it with gel colors, and peel it off to reveal a gorgeous and artistic nail art. Elevate your manicure game with this easy-to-use nail template sticker and showcase your unique style with mesmerizing gradient hollowed nails

Material: peel off self-adhesive PVC

Price for 1 sheet, 10x8cm

How to Use, Steps
Apply nail polish or UV gel
Clean the nail and free it from oil
Apply the sticker on the nails, spay the airbrush or press the sponge.
Peel off the sticker and cure
Apply top coat polish

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