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Greens Plants & Shapes Nail Art Stamping Plates

Greens Plants & Shapes Nail Art Stamping Plates

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Nature and abstract shapes theme nail stamping template plate

Important notes:
Please use STAMP POLISH for transferring. Regular nail polish and UV gel might not
work on it!

1. Choose Your Design: Select the nail design you want to use from the nail plate. Nail plates typically have various designs etched onto them. Choose one that you like and that fits the size of your nails.
2. Apply Stamping Polish: Apply a generous amount of nail polish directly over the design you want to use on the nail plate. Quickly use the scraper at a 45-degree angle to remove the excess polish from the plate, leaving polish only in the design's etched lines.
3. Transfer the Design: Immediately after scraping, gently press the stamper onto the design to pick up the polish. The design should now be transferred onto the stamper.
4. Stamp onto Your Nail: Align the stamper with your nail and gently roll or press it down to transfer the design onto your nail. Make sure to press firmly but not too hard. The design should now be on your nail.
5. Clean Up: Use a cotton swab or a brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any excess polish that might be on your skin around your nails.

Seal with Top Coat: Once the design is dry and in place, you can seal it with a clear top coat to protect the design and give your nails a polished finish.
Material: stainless steel

To quickly clean your stamper without damaging it, use a piece of packing tape to pick up all the left over polish bits.
trying scraping the image both left to right and up and down. This will spread the polish around the large space more evenly.

Deep and precise carving give you better stamping effect than normal stamping plates

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