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Hexagon&Dots Pearlescent Glitters

Hexagon&Dots Pearlescent Glitters

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Embrace the Elegance of Hexagon & Dots Pearlescent Glitters ✨✨ Add a touch of sophistication and shine to your nail art with these mesmerizing pearlescent glitters in hexagon and dot shapes.
Price for 6 grids
Container size: 75x50x20mm
Item purpose: Nail art, jewelry/ accessories design, DIY crafts/makeup

Target customer: handmade lovers, nail art lovers, designers,

Purpose for nails:
Hello there, in case you are looking for nail supplies, you are in the right place. I know how important nail care and beauty is, which is why I established my shop specifically for this purpose.
Create your colorful nail art at home, make your life efficient, save money, the 3D nail art Decoration are your best choice. You can DIY your nail with these dazzling gadgets, you will be the special one from others. Whether you are tending towards the dramatics or going for simplistic, I have got you covered.
I supply a large number of nail art supplies to ensure that you have options to pick from so your nails will be pretty at all times. All the nail products I supply are very affordable so you do not have to be worried about breaking the bank to purchase them. Have fun while you peruse the products on display, I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

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