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Marble Chalk Nail Powder Glitter

Marble Chalk Nail Powder Glitter

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Mixed color marble chalk for nail art and crafts
Price for 1 case, 3x3cm
Each case has a capacity of half.

How to use:
1. Mix Thoroughly: Gently mix the clear gel and glitters together until they are evenly blended. Make sure the glitters are distributed evenly throughout the gel.
2. Apply to Nails: Using the gel brush, apply the mixed gel with glitters onto your nails. You can create an ombre effect by applying the mixture heavier at the tips and gradually fading it toward the base of the nails.
3. Cure Under Lamp: Once you're satisfied with the placement of the gel and glitters, cure your nails under the appropriate nail lamp (UV or LED) according to the gel's instructions.
4. Seal with Top Coat: After curing, you can apply a clear top coat to seal the gel and glitters and give your nails a smooth and glossy finish.

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