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Stainless Steel Makeup, Painting and Nail Spatula Stick

Stainless Steel Makeup, Painting and Nail Spatula Stick

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Whether you need to mix foundations, blend paints, or stir gel polishes, our spatula stick is up to the task. Its smooth mirror surface allows for easy application and seamless blending, ensuring flawless results every time.
As an added bonus, our spatula stick comes with a stylish leather case for convenient storage and portability. Keep your spatula stick safe and secure while on the go, ensuring it's always ready for your next beauty adventure.

Material: stainless steel
price for 1 count, 13g net weight
come with PU leather case
Item purpose: Makeup Palette, Makeup Mixing Palette, Suitable for Blending and Mixing Nail Art Colors, Face Cream, Foundation, Lipsticks, Pigments and More.

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