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Steel Strainer Brush Cleansing Glass Cup

Steel Strainer Brush Cleansing Glass Cup

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Introducing our exquisite Glass Cup for Brush Cleansing – a must-have for every nail art enthusiast. This premium cup is designed with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a built-in removable stainless steel strainer and a separate wooden lid for added convenience.
Material: glass, steel, wood
Price for 1 set
Item purpose: nail brush washing, liquid storage
Dimension: 3.7x5x5cm
How to Use:
-Fill the glass cup with your preferred brush cleaner or acetone.
-Dip your brushes into the cup, allowing the stainless steel strainer to capture and remove residues efficiently.
-When not in use, cover the cup with a separate wooden lid to protect your brushes and maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning solution.

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