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Toe removable jelly glue tabs/ Reduce nail damage

Toe removable jelly glue tabs/ Reduce nail damage

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24 tabs per piece.

Removable and reusable jelly glue. Never hurt your own nails.

Color: clear

1: First wipe the surface of your nails with alcohol, because the surface of the nails will secrete grease.
2: Find the piece that corresponds to the size of your nail, then stick to your nail and tear off the film on the top. Hold the front end of the fake nail, press the back end of the fake nail and the root of the nail, press hard.

3: You can also put the jelly glue on the back of the fake nail and then press it on the root of the nail. However, after I tried this method, I don’t think it is very good, so I suggest that you stick the glue on your nails first.

4:When the glue is not completely covered on the nail surface, air and water will flow from the inside of the nail gap, which may cause the piece to fall off. Be sure to place and press fully on the nail.

Just let you know why I like this item! Recently I am learning how to play guitar. You know it is not able to have long nails. So whenever I am going out, I use this items with nail tips to replace the nail glue. which doesn't hurt my real nail and 100 time easier to take them off than regular nail glue.

Why you need it?
1: Take art photos, wedding photos, etc.

2: Wear on the day of the wedding.

3: Save money from nail salon.

4: Participate in social activities such as parties.

5: Stage performances, cultural performances, condolence performances, etc.

6: Work is not allowed but still like nail art.

7: People who change clothes of different styles every day.

8. Pregnant women.

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