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Vintage Frame Feather Miniature 3D Mold

Vintage Frame Feather Miniature 3D Mold

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Step into a world of vintage charm with our Silica Mold for Nails, featuring a delightful array of classic motifs including hearts, crosses, feathers, and frames. This mold allows you to infuse your nail art with a touch of old-world elegance, creating intricate and detailed designs that reflect the beauty of bygone eras.
Embrace the vintage theme and elevate your nail art to a new level of sophistication with our Silica Mold for Nails. Let your nails exude the charm of yesteryears while showcasing your artistic flair!
Emboss sculpture silicone mold
price for 1 pc
You can use all kinds of UV GEL texture products to make your own sculpture!

1 Fill the Mold: Make sure not to overfill, as you want the design to be crisp and well-defined.
2 Remove Excess Polish or Gel: Use a clean, flat tool (like a cuticle pusher or an orange stick) to remove any excess polish or gel that might have spilled over the edges of the mold.
3 Cure or Dry: Depending on the type of nail product you're using (regular polish, gel polish, or gel), follow the appropriate curing or drying method. Gel polishes often require UV or LED light curing, while regular polish needs air drying.
4 Carefully Remove the Design: Once your design is fully cured or dried, gently peel the mold away from the nail. The design should come off easily.
5 Apply to Nails: Use a clear nail adhesive or top coat to adhere the design to your nails. Place it in the desired position and press down gently to secure it.
6 Seal with Top Coat: Apply a layer of clear top coat over the entire nail to seal and protect your design. This also helps enhance the shine and longevity of the design.

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