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White Pearlescent Glow Chrome Nail Powder Mirror Effect

White Pearlescent Glow Chrome Nail Powder Mirror Effect

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To use white pearlescent glazed donut chrome nail powder,
1. apply a base coat and your desired nail polish color (cure under a UV lamp).
2, apply chrome powder using no wipe top coat (cure under a UV lamp).
3. using an eyeshadow applicator or a silicone brush, apply a thin layer of the powder onto your nails.
4. Gently buff the powder onto your nails until you achieve the desired effect.
5. Finish with a top coat to seal in the powder and protect your nails (cure under a UV lamp).

New high-end powder pigment
White Pearlescent powder

price for 1 case, 0.1g net weight. Come with applicator

Each case can apply at least 50 fingers!

Item purpose: Nail art, DIY crafts, resin

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